Event Security & Site Security Services

Success in securing special events such as sporting events, conventions or celebrations arises out of careful planning, preparation, communication and training. It is more often than not, dependant on creating temporary organisational relationships and structures when dealing with rapidly changing situations.

  • High end corporate guarding.
  • Delivering customer service personnel with the added benefit of them being a security professional.
  • Hand selected and trained personnel deliver services way beyond the traditional scope of a “Security Officer”.
  • Specialized team have experience in customer service, facilities and systems management all in addition to their Security skill set.

Scheduled & Random Patrols

Seven Stars Intelligent Security (I) Pvt. Ltd., Services operates the largest fleet of Patrol Vehicles in the country. Our security officers c visits to sites each night, ensuring the physical security & safety of premises.

Offering our customers the assurance of knowing their premises are being protected whilst they are not there, is the main focus of our service. Our scheduled and random patrol services provide much needed relief to businesses and homes, ensuring the highest quality of protective service available. Our Services include:

  • External and internal Property checks
  • Staff Welfare checks.
  • Visitor and Staff Escorts.
  • Machinery Operation Checks.
  • Alarm Response.
  • Assist with the Opening and Closing of your premise, or the Arming and Disarming of your security system.
  • Areas of Coverage or Type of Manpower Provided for Total Building Management Systems.