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Remaining secured from all perspectives is not actually the dream but an aspiration of every living being. The security threat becomes grimmer with the rise in income and living standard. Implementation of technical security devices are not enough, therefore the need of security personnel can never be substituted by any other security gadgets. Apart from security reasons, personnel are also required for other purposes to run the business effectively. We, Seven Star Security & Maintenance Service Agency , are a trusted service provider engaged in Security & Protection Services and Guarding Services. In addition, we also provide Housekeeping Services, Pantry Services, etc. All our services are designed keeping in mind the requirement of clients and are executed timely and effectively.

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Security guards are crime, threat and risk prevention officers assigned to protect specific people and property. This may include detecting some of the same offenses that would cause a peace officer to act, such as a fight or burglary. But it would not include other offenses such as motor vehicle traffic violations or car accident. The security guard’s concerned prevent damageis to pr or destruction to property.

PREVENTION is the key word :

So fundamentally, the job duties and responsibilities of a security guard are not the same as a peace officer or police officer. Instead, security guards are in the prevention business. It is their job to act as a deterrent to crime, to watch for impending danger and to report crimes they may encounter.

Their roles may seem the same from a far, but essentially their functions differ and here’s why;

SECURITY GUARDS are paid to only protect specific people and property.

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