Silent point

Silent Point

For Utility and Maintenance Work

Some of the salient points, which we bear in mind to make our functioning successfully, are appended below :

We have great pleasure to introduce the Maintenance and facility services of our organization. You would definitely agree with us that the concept of Maintenance and facility services now a days is not merely a status symbol, but the significance of the vital role it plays either to protect the valuables or to maintain the confidentiality of the business security of an organization of repute needs no further elaboration. Seven Stars Intelligent Security (I) Pvt Ltd is one of the foremost professionally and managed organization operating Security,Maintenance and Facility services most effectively. We are group of trained and experienced security staff,Gun-Man, Guard, Security Officer, trained Housekeeping boys,Maintenance Enineers and supervisors at our peril without bothering you on statutory obligations pertaining to lab our ESIC & PF etc, and successfully shoulder the responsibility of protecting and maintaining the premises. We claim that we give full justification to the “Confidence and Trust”.

Our Objective is to provide a team of well-trained, disciplined and hardworking personnel so as to relieve our clients from all worries relevant to safety, security and facility management. We provide Industrial, Functional, Residential and Special security Squads Security Services, Maintenance Jobs, House Keeping Services & Private Investigation.

Seven Stars Intelligent Security (I) Pvt Ltd believes that the four main criteria in providing quality services are–Selection of Manpower, Training and Supervision.

SELECTION OF MANPOWER - Correct of selection of personnel is the foundation of efficient operational performance. Education, Age, Physical Fitness and Background is strictly followed by us while selecting staff.

Tasks- Prepare to deep clean by gathering the necessary supplies.
Know how to use equipment and chemicals for the items you will be cleaning.
Note and report problems promptly.

SUPERVISION & Engineers – Engineers & Supervision is equally importance in order to provide quality service. In this regard we have a Control Room and strong operation team of supervion and inspectors who are constantly checking our assignment and checking of our service staff.

CLIENT SERVICE - To provide better and efficient service as our client need .We are obtaining Customer Satisfaction Report(CSR), wherein free and frank opinion of our clients can be obtained to improve our service, by taking remedial measures on above said reports.

General Housekeeping Safety Tips- Never stand on a chair when cleaning a room. Use a small wooden stepladder to prevent falling. Never stand on the tub or on the toilet seat cover. A ladder is designed to give proper support and balance for climbing a chair is not.

  • Never try to move a heavy object by yourself. Ask someone to help you.
  • Never try to lift a heavy object by yourself. Ask someone to help you. Prevent back strain by putting the main effort in your legs.
  • Be careful of wet surfaces; use the bathmat when cleaning the tub. Mop up spills in the hallways.
  • Do not use faulty plug outlets.
  • Follow instructions when mixing chemicals or cleaning compounds.
  • Check wiring on any electrical equipment –T.V., radio, your vacuum cleaner etc.
  • Look for chipped or splintered furniture, faulty soap dishes or loose toilet seats, handle bars, towel racks, baseboards and tiles.
  • Always check a room when entering to see if there are guest appliances plugged in (hot plate, coffee maker etc.) Disconnect and report their presence to you supervisor.
  • If an occupied room has not been used, notify your supervisor.
  • Always fold linens away from you. Never hold in front of your face.
  • As you go around the property, look for potential health & safety hazards:
  • Blocked passageways
  • piles of trash, items that can burst into flames
  • Broken smoke detectors
  • aulty emergency lighting
  • Be careful when sweeping up broken glass. Never pick-up by hand. Use a damp paper towel to pick-up the pieces and discard in the trash.
  • Check wastebaskets for lighted cigar or cigarette butts.
  • When making up sofa beds, be not careful in closing the bed so sheets or are fingers caught in the springs.
  • Observe all emergency regulations and procedures specific to your property.

PREVENTION is the key word :

  1. Majority of our guards are picked up from the guards rehabilitation of Army head quarters, various army regimental centers and also directly from village after credential are verified.
  2. Security staff posted in the client organization are housed in one place near or very close to the organization to ensure attractive common and control by the security training availability of entire security at any given time meet emergency and affective control on their activities, rest, training and food ensure optimum sufficiency while on duty.
  3. All our guards are within the age of 20 to 45 years, physically well build and not less than 5ft.5” in height.
  4. Our security personnel are given 30 days input on Industrial security and fire fighting before they are to a unit.
  5. Our guards are not allowed to keep their families with them in the Unit.
  6. Methods related to Industrial Security if desired by the client units are drawn cut by us and implemented after duly approved by the management. These methods cover designing various registers and records than are to be maintained at the gate.
  7. Inter company transfer of guards is effected every 6 to 9 months or as per direction of clients organization.
  8. The Security personnel will be appointed by us and will be under your direct control and supervision. They will ensue compliance of all instructions they may be given to them by your authorized officer.
  9. The Security personnel will work 8 hours a day and 6 days a week. However, the vigilance will be given continue in all 24 hours in a day throughout the year.
  10. You will provide accommodation for the security, probably inside the premises. Alternatively we shall hire an accommodation for our entire squad of security personnel. The rent of building duly approved by you shall be at your cost.
  11. The Security personnel while performing duties on your organization or while safe guarding protecting your property met any injury / accident or death you need to compensate in suitable to the concerned person / next of the individual.
  12. Providing guards to your organizations will be made as per your requirement and desire the may be Ex-Servicemen shall have good record of services or Civilian guards possessing adequate training and experience in security functioning with good records.
  13. Our Security officer shall be wholly responsible to and after the day-today administration of the security personnel deployed by us I,e. clothing, leave replacement, absentee replacement etc.
  14. The Security standing orders of the organization will be application to our security personnel and will be followed strictly.
  15. Our security guards shall not take part or associates themselves directly or indirectly with any of the association, council forum bodies of the organizations will be develop any undue familiarity with the staff and workers of the organizations.
  16. We shall change the security personnel indulging in acts of misconduct.
  17. We shall responsible for the payment of all wages, allowances and other benefits to our security posted at your organization and meeting all tax and whatsoever.
  18. We shall provide at our cost proper uniform including shoes, cap, whistle and such item as per necessary for smart turn out of the security personnel. They will also provide protective clothing like raincoat etc.
  19. The Security personnel provide shall be man high integrity and confidence. We shall verify the incidents of the person to the entire satisfaction of the organization.
  20. The member of security guards provided per day month will be calculated on the basis of number of shift duties performed by the security personnel during the periods. However extra duties as a rule (double shifts) will be given to the guards in continuation of the schedule will be compensated on PRC RATE BASIS.